X marks the site for Christian Entrepreneurs

Chi Ro Symbol for Christian Entrepreneurs


Contrary to Popular Belief the X in Xmas was not started by Jesus hating pagans who were trying to remove Christ from Christmas.  The Chi which looks like our X is the first letter in Greek to spell out Christ.  You may have seen the Chi Ro symbol in the past.  In my quick internet search I found that it was used in Europe in the 1500′s.  Probably true but who knows.

When I was thinking of a short catchy name for a site for Christian Entrepreneurs I thought of XTrep.  I hope you aren’t offended and that you are blessed by what you find on the site.  Actually, I don’t care all the much if you are offended but if you are not offended I hope that you are blessed.  If you are offended I have a feeling that it will be nearly impossible for you to be blessed.

We will be offering great thoughts, resources, advice and encouragement for Christ’s slaves who are interested in running their own businesses.



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