What Should I Look for in a Life Coach?

Taking a closer look

Taking a closer look

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If you know that you need a life coach then the next step is to figure out what type of coach will be right for you.  If you are not sure whether or not you need a life coach you can check out the Do I need a Life Coach post?

First, write out and define your needs and goals and what areas you would need coaching in. Do you need help with a business? Do you have personal strengths or weaknesses that you want help with? What areas of your life do you feel you are neglecting to succeed in? Find your top need or goal and use that as a guide when searching for your life coach.  You will probably find spill over between your areas of life that you need coaching in.  That is completely fine.  You want to make sure if you are looking for specific areas of growth that you coach has that knowledge.

Take a quick look online at some of the different life coaches.  Some people do fine with meeting with people online.  Others really prefer meeting face to face.  I myself enjoy both.  I am able to envision the person.  One time someone was asking about a mutual friend and I mentioned that I had just seen her a few months back.  When they asked about it further I realized that her brother had handed me his cell phone and we talked for 45 minutes while the group I was with was shopping.  I was thinking I had met with her in person when in reality it was a phone call.  If you really need to be face to face with someone do a search for Life Coach and your city.

Thankfully many coaches offer a free trial session.  I would recommend trying out at least one session with someone just so you know what the experience will be like.  When it comes down to deciding who to choose you’ll need to depend on your strengths.  Do you generally do best when you make a logical decision?  Then maybe you want to line up the pros and cons of a couple of coaches.  Can you trust your gut to be right most of the time?  Then go with your gut.

Finally, take action.  Choose a coach or at least a trial session with a coach and make an appointment to get started.

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Insert Reading Here

I would guess that at least 1/4 of my reading is inserted into other areas of my life. This morning I went to walkmart and the book I am currently reading (The Speed of Trust) was a little too big so I grabbed a pocket New Testament and read from the car to the door. The door was locked so as I walked to the other entrance and started shopping I read. In line is another great place to read.

When you take a little time to think about it you can insert reading into so many other areas of life.

1. Driving. I only recommend this one if you live in northern Montana or drive in stop and go traffic. On our VW Bus trip accross the country I read the better part of a novel on the barren route 2. When you are “stop” that is a great time to read. When you are “go” not so much. When I lived in Japan I would often read while driving in the 5 kmh traffic on my way home.

2. The bathroom. You might already be squeezing this one in.

3. Always carry a book with you. You will be amazed at how long you wait in lines, at red lights, in doctors offices, and for other people.

4. While excercising. Either listening to an audio book or while riding a stationary bike.

5. During Meetings. If you can do it without appearing rude meetings are a great place to read. In many meetings much of what is going on in will not pertain to you at all. Be careful with this one that you don’t frustrate others.

6. Lunch Breaks, Work Breaks and other Breaks. If you eat lunch with others everyday taking one day a week to read might not be a bad idea.

7. Before the kids wake up or after they go to bed. Read a novel or biography before going to bed is a great way to unwind and sets you up for a great nights sleep much better than spending time in front of the TV.

Look for areas that you are already doing or required to do and see if you can read there.