The Power of Accountability

Do you have someone keeping you accountable in certain areas of your life? Are there others in your life that you keep accountable?

I am up at 10:48 after the busiest week of my year and a really long day to boot because of the power of accountability. A couple of weeks ago I had to tell a coach of mine that I hadn’t met my goals of putting up content on the site and then letting people know about it.

My goal for this month was a post every other day. I created the posts before I left for spring break that would go up automatically while I was gone. Then I thought I would have some time today to post. As it always seems to do, life didn’t go exactly as planned. I could have headed to bed like my body wanted to do right when I got home but then I would be telling my accountability partner/coach in a week that I almost but didn’t quite meet my goal. I don’t know about your personality type, but for me that’s something that I don’t want to do ever again and especially not in consecutive meetings, so here I am typing as my eyes are starting to close like a heavy garage door once it’s passed the tipping point and gravity takes over causing the door to slam to the cement of the garage floor.

I started off asking if you had someone keeping you accountable for things.

Currently I have my friend/coach/accountability partner who is keeping me accountable for content on this site.

I have Ray who is keeping me accountable to some areas of leadership in leading my team and my ministry here.

I meet with Ron and Mark each week who keep me accountable to memorizing scripture and loving my wife well.

How many of us would do taxes without the accountability of the IRS?

Accountability is often great when we need a little extra push to get something one. Perhaps you have the desire to do something but you lack the self discipline. Bower it from an accountability partner or a coach until it becomes internal or innate in you to do whatever task you currently don’t want to do.

I have a friend that was struggling with porn so he gave me his laptop for a season then installed a filter that sends me an update each week of what he has been doing online and that has kept him from pursuing pleasure outside of the ways that God intended.

My favorite discipleship tools is based on accountability. In fact, we call them Mutual and Accountability and Discipleship groups. MADgroups for short. You can go tot he download page and download the brochure if you are interested in starting one. There is accountability built in to flee from sin and pursue righteousness. There is accountability to be reading the word of God because if you don’t read at all your friend has to read again as well as you. There is also accountability to be praying for your lost friends to come to know Jesus as Lord and savior.

Accountability is strong. You need to have it to help you in those areas where you lack the discipline to stick to the path of becoming who you want to be and who God wants you to be. If there is an area where you aren’t all you can be right now, look for a friend that can’t help to keep you accountable to a higher standard.

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Perhaps one of my favorite books from my college years was Donald S. Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. In it, Whitney proclaims that instead of being constricting and binding Spiritual Disciplines lead to freedom and Holiness in our pursuit of God. There was a phrase in his book that really challenged me as a young lad, “Godly People are Disciplined People.” If you are blessed by God to be naturally disciplined you probably love that statement. You probably also from time to time struggle with judging others who are not as disciplined as you if you have not used your natural self-discipline to “discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness.” as the apostle Paul commands us to in 1 Timothy 4. If on the other hand, you are heading on the path to “living in a van, down by the river.” as it were, you might not like that phrase so much. I myself did not enjoy it when I first heard it. I kind of like to take life as it comes. I have realized though that taking the time to plan for instance, allows me the freedom to change if something should come up. Whereas when I don’t plan I don’t have the freedom to change the plan, at least not with the peace that everything important is being taken care of.


Let me put Whitney’s paragraph in here because he says it even stronger.

“Godly people are disciplined people. It has always been so. Call to mind some heroes of church history – Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Bunyan, Susanna Wesley, George Whitefield, Lady Huntington, Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, George Muller – they were all disciplined people. In my own pastoral and personal Christian experience, I can say that I’ve never known a man or woman who come to spiritual maturity except through discipline. Godliness comes through discipline.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the above quote. Especially if you disagree with what he says.

Whitney talks about how Bible Intake, Prayer, Worship, Evangelism, Service, Stewardship, Fasting, Silence and Solitude, Journaling and Learning can all be used of the Lord for our sanctification. While the list is not complete it does get to the core of how God has worked in many people’s lives over the course of history.

For the rest of the month of March the Audio version of this book is available as a free download from Go to and use MAR2009 as the coupon code and you’ll get the audio for free. If it’s after March 2009 when you read this page it’s always worth the cost of the book on Amazon. Even though I have read it through a number of times over the years when I just picked it back up to find the quote I was excited to read it again and be challenged anew to pursue the Lord for the purpose of Godliness.