5 Basic Leadership Skills Every Leader Needs

Here are five basic leadership skills every leader needs. If you can work on even just one of these at a time, you will become a much better leader and be able to lead more effectively and efficiently.

A Leader Must Depend on God

There is only one thing you can rely on that will always be perfect, that will never fail, and that is God.

5 Tricks to Overcoming Procrastination

It is just so easy to put something off until tomorrow. We often do it for a variety of reason, such as anxiety, busyness, boredom, or dislike for the task. But whatever the reason, it needs to stop,

A Leader Must Have Vision

A leader’s primary objective is often simply to lead and direct people. But it is vital to recognize other aspects a leader must also focus on. One such important area is having a vision.

The Leader and Time

Today’s podcast focuses on the leader and their use of time. Teach us the brevity of life so that we may gain wisdom. Psalm 91:12 NLT While it is a little dark going to www.deathclock.com might help to teach you the brevity of life. Personally I felt like my date was too early but you […]