Solomon Says: A great Game for Christian Parents | Episode # 70

Simply read a proverb correctly for a “True” proverb or misplace a key word with an opposite different word for a “False” Solomon Says.

Track + Action = Traction

Achieving your goals can be full of speed bumps and road blocks. Are you having a hard time being productive? Always remember “Track + Action = Traction.” To have traction, to gain speed, you need a track to set your course on and a will to take action.

10 Leadership Principles from Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels, in his book, Axiom, has collected a treasure of leadership principles he calls leadership proverbs. Here are the top ten leadership principles that can help you become a better leader.

Proverbs for Today

This Sunday I was reading the introduction to Proverbs in The Message and it inspired me to continue to dig into Proverbs on a regular basis and to meditate on the proverbs that God uses to speak to me.  In one of the videos I share the story of how Proverbs 11:2 impacted me years […]