Effective Leaders Must First Learn to Follow Well

To become a great leader you must first learn to follow well. Even if the person that God has placed in leadership above you is a poor leader, you must honor them.

The Importance of Short Term Goals

You may be great at putting together a lofty vision that encompasses your long term goals, but what are you doing to reach them? Do you have steps and short term goals to help you reach your final objective?

Is God Leading You to Lead? | Episode #43

Is God calling you to lead? When faced with a leadership opportunity you need to discern if God is leading you to it.

Refusing to Lead

Refusing to Lead. Can the best thing a Leader does be refusing to lead? Peter Rollins thinks so. Watch the video to find out why. Article by Dave Browing

Hire the best possible consultant for you

If you have ever worked with a good consultant you know they are great at asking the right questions.  A great consultant will help lead you to your own “Aha” moments instead of just telling you what they think is best for you in a certain situation.  Though my natural strengths are leading and directing […]

Definition of Leadership

I was at a men’s bible study last week and heard a definition of leadership that was shared there. See a perceived need, develop a biblical plan to meet it and empower everyone involved by your personal love and commitment. They are still working on refining it, but Bob Butz the guy who shared the […]