Leadership and Humility

When you do a word association with humility, leadership probably does not pop into your head.

The Power of Man who Leads like Jesus

Often it only takes one leader to step out and make a huge difference. Is there a need in your community that you can fill in a Christlike way? This video tells the story of a man who did just that.

Break in Posts

Sorry there haven’t been any posts the last few days. I was at a military resort called Okuma and the internet was not cooperating with Mac Books. Imagine that. I have to admit it was nice not to check my email, facebook and twitter for a few days. I wonder if that would be a […]

Motivational Gifts

A book that flew way under the “Christian Leadership Radar” was Be A Leader for God’s Sake, by Dr. Bruce Winston.  One of the really cool things in that book that I am still working through and not 100% sure of but seems to make a lot of sense to me is separating the different […]

Definition of Leadership

I was at a men’s bible study last week and heard a definition of leadership that was shared there. See a perceived need, develop a biblical plan to meet it and empower everyone involved by your personal love and commitment. They are still working on refining it, but Bob Butz the guy who shared the […]