Scripture Memory-A Dead easy way to soak your mind the Word

One time in college I had been working on memorizing James Chapter 1. At that time the phone was in my name so I was responsible for figuring out who made what calls and then totaling up the calls and adding the tax and then collecting the money from each of my suite mates. One month there were a number of calls that I was fairly certain belong to a suite mate of mine but could not prove it so I ended up eating the cost of the phone calls. The next month there were again some of the same unclaimed calls that I knew had to have come from this person.


After reading the bill, I remember leaving my room ticked off, my pace and heartbeat quickening as I entered the hallway. At the base of the stairs I jumped up to the third stair. In Mid air this verse hit me. “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” Knowing that I had quickly become angry I turned around in mid air and went back to my room. OK. I didn’t really turn around in mid air but I did turn and go back down the stairs so I could cool off.


The times when God has brought to mind something from his word to challenge, motivate or encourage me are too numerous to count. God’s word is powerful and active. It’s living. It changes and shapes who you are. What better to be shaped by than the word of God?


I would like to share with you a simple method for allowing God’s word to sink deep into your own life and to be always a part of you so that if God chooses to speak to you, you will be ready to hear it. I call it the 1-2-3 Scripture Memory Method. Because you will have three steps for the verse before you have it memorized.


Preparation Step 1. First take out the top four cards and write: Daily, Twice a Week, and Weekly, and Memorized on one card so that you now have four cards.


Preparation Step 2. Write out any verses you already have totally memorized. These you can place in the memorized pile. Though it doesn’t take much time if you don’t review a verse that you have memorized once in a while you will forget it.


  1. Work on a verse each day (at least 5 times during the week) until you feel that you have it down pretty well.
  2. After you can say it without looking for two days transfer it to the 2 times a week pile and continue to review the verse. This will stretch your retention time and continue to allow you to work on it. You may want to pick two specific days like Tuesday and Friday.
  3. Finally move it to the weekly pile. This will further stretch you retention time and help you to know if you really have it memorized. Don’t hesitate to move a verse back a pile if you come to realize that you didn’t know a verse as well as you thought.

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