Saint Patrick’s Confession in American English

I had a special treat for you that I wanted to send out on Saint Patrick’s day of this year but I was so saddened by what Saint Patrick’s Day has become that I didn’t want to send it out and cheapen the life of Patrick.  Over the last few years I have read about Saint Patrick from others.  They often talk of his willingness to depart from the tradition of man and the church to reach people with the love and message of Jesus Christ.  Some of the stories that circulate are obviously legend but some miraculous things seem from history to be true.  It’s funny how the Catholic church that now celebrates and exhalts him with the rest of the world actually put an end to the type of ministry that he was doing with lay ministry and the priesthood of believers and decreed that church should be done in the Roman way.  I think the world would have been a much better place and the Church would be much stronger today had Rome not stepped in and quashed the way church as done in Ireland in the 500’s.

This year, for the first time, I read Saint Patrick’s Confession and heard form him in his own words.  I think as I heard the stories about him in Ireland and read his words I was struck not by his missional ways of conforming to the culture but of how he stood up for things that he felt God would have him to do and his strength of character.  When he heard the voice of God he reacted in obedience.  I was inspired by his willingness to follow Christ no matter what he thought the consequences might be.

I have a modern translation of his confession that I changed to American English.  It is less than 11 pages long and well worth the read.  Saint Patrick’s Confession

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