Making Time to Read

I am working on a report now called Read to Grow. I think if people knew the benefits of reading and how it would impact their lives they would definitely spend more time reading. When I talk to people about reading the first thing most people say is that they don’t have time to read. Of course, I don’t think anyone feels like the have extra time to do things. Many days I don’t have time to exercise. George Bush does though, and I am sure that his life is a little more busy than mine or yours. We make time for what is important in our lives.

I think there are three basic ways that we can make time to read.

1. Quit doing certain activities and use that time to read.

2. Squeeze reading into areas that we hadn’t previously thought about.

3. Make it a priority in our lives and it will happen and suddenly things that are less of a priority (but still important) we will be wishing we had time for.

You are able to do the things in your life that are priorities. A few years ago I realized that I always got the things done in my life that were urgent. Why, my priority was taking care of the burning fires. Often though, I was unable to take care of what was really important. As reading becomes a priority you will make time for it.

Tomorrow I will talk about the things that we can quit doing to make time for reading. I am sure right now you can think of a few things that you would be better off not doing and reading instead.

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