What You Should Know About Living in Your Strengths

Living in your strengths is probably the best way to avoid burnout and not living in your strengths is probably the best way to get burned out. Thus, it is very important to understand what it is that God has created you for – because he has created you for a special purpose.

Living in Your Strengths Can Help you Become a Strong Wave

Living in Your Strengths Can Help you Become a Strong Wave

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We each have certain things we are good at. I am sure you can name a few things that you enjoy doing and are really good at. Maybe you know a lot about a computer, or its easy for you to work on cars, or maybe you are good at sports, no matter what it is, we each have specific strengths. God created us with certain talents and abilities for us to use to glorify Him. If you aren’t living your strengths, It’s time to hit the brakes and pay close attention to the rest of this because this could just save you a lot of time, stress, and wasted energy.

Not using your strengths is simply ridiculous. Check out this example to help you understand, if you don’t already. If you had the option to play baseball or football and you were extremely good at say, baseball but you knew next to nothing about football. Would you really try to go play football? No, of course not! You would go play baseball because that is what you are good at, that is your strong sport. Its the same way with your strengths. If you have certain strengths, you should embrace and use them. Don’t try to ignore them and work on a weakness.

But, you might say, How can I live my strengths if I don’t really know them? That’s actually very easy, there are many tests that will show what kinds of strengths you have. These tests are rather accurate and many are free online. Simply take a minute and search for strengths tests and then find a good one to take. It is such a valuable resource to know what your strengths are, and, it’s quite interesting and even surprising. Be sure to come back and retake these tests every so often to see how you are changing, because there might be small changes over time based on your job or primary activities.

Once you know what your strengths are, take some time to think about how you are using them, maybe even without knowing it, and how you can start using them more.

If you are having a tough time thinking about where you have already been using your strengths, think about activities that you simply love and you often lose track of time while doing. When you use your strengths you will enjoy using them. You will experience success and contentment from using your strengths.

Living in your strengths has incredible benefits with reducing stress caused by trying, and failing at being successful while using a weakness. Plus, it will reduce the chance or getting burned out. And, it will even help you be energetic and excited about life.

God made us with a purpose, and the ability to complete the things he has for us in life. He gave you strengths to use, now start using them.

Live life to the fullest, live in your strengths!

If you want more information about living in your strengths or you have any questions, LeaderCast.com has the answers, or at least will help you get them.

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