Leadership Training in the News

When growing as a leader there are many places that you look to learn from. Good Bosses, Bad Bosses, Good Books, Good Blogs and sometimes even the news.

I try to keep informed of world events but not spend too much time watching or reading the news. Today I read an article with a great lesson for all growing leaders. This article on President George W. Bush encouraged me. In today’s political photo-op climate too much is done for the camera. While I think the George Bush has been fiscally too generous and much maligned by the media I think there are some really cool things about him as a man and as a leader.

In the article a story is told of a wounded veteran who President Bush scrapped the planned schedule to spend a couple of hours with. I think one of the greatest things about President Bush is that from a distance it appears that he is doing what he believes is right without regard to what is popular or how people will respond to his decisions. That speaks of leadership character that is growing less common each day. We all want to be regarded of highly by those around us. Those who truly are great are the ones who entrust themselves to the judge who really matters. In 1 Peter 2:23b we read, “Instead, he (Jesus) entrusted himself to him (God the Father) who judges justly.”

If we desire to lead like Jesus we will entrust ourselves to God, realizing that he alone is the one whose judgment we should be concerned about.

Charles Spurgeon, a great spiritual leader in his own right, and his wife, according to a story in the Chaplain magazine, would sell, but refused to give away, the eggs their chickens laid. Even close relatives were told, “You may have them if you pay for them.” As a result some people labeled the Spurgeons greedy and grasping.

They accepted the criticisms without defending themselves, and only after Mrs. Spurgeon died was the full story revealed. All the profits from the sale of eggs went to support two elderly widows. Because the Spurgeons where unwilling to let their left hand know what the right hand was doing (Matt. 6:3), they endured the attacks in silence. (From Bible.Org)

I don’t know President Bush’s motives for keeping his visits and letters away hidden from the press. But I know this, one leadership lesson I learned from the news today is to do you good deeds in secret entrusting Christ to reward you.

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