Leadership Development with ProScan

The ProScan is a great tool for providing insights that you would never be able to see on your own. We brought a person over lead our team through a time of talking about our results and it was really helpful for team building and team harmony to see how God had created each one of us differently.

Most helpful for me was to see what specific areas in my life were causing me energy drain. Immediately I was able to make changes in my life to move in a direction of health.

The ProScan helps to measure the following things:

• How the person will generally come across to others
• How a person functions most naturally
• The role the person feels the best in
• Energy Givers
• Satisfaction Level
• Stressors and Levels of Stress
• Energy Drain
• Normal Decision Making Style
• Communication Style
• Leadership Styles
• Back Up Modes
• Stressful Environments
• Motivational Items
• Overriding Needs Survey

The ProScan is a quick (about 10 minutes) online tool that is very reliable having been normed by other 3 million users. My wife and I have both taken numerous inventories and assessments and were initially skeptical at the accuracy provided. For both of us, our marriage, my personal health and our team it was very helpful. So helpful in fact that I wanted to be able to use this tool with others.

The ProScan can help you pinpoint the things in your life that are causing you the most energy drain and help you to begin to create a life based on living out who God has made you to be rather the situation that you might find yourself in.

Some of the main uses for the ProScan are:

Leadership Development
Personal Awareness and Growth
Burnout Avoidance and Recovery
Dynamic Team Buidling
Effective Career Placement

When you take the ProScan you receive a full color 24 page report that will help you Grow as a Leader. If it looks like something that might be helpful for your current life situation and your own leadership growth path check out our services page today.

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