Is Reading Your Bible a Downer?

If reading your Bible is a downer I am guessing that one of two things is happening in your life:

1. You are on some sort of reading plan and you are behind and you feel pressure to catch up but you never seem to quite catch up.

2. You aren’t in the word frequently enough or long enough to hear the voice of the Lord speaking to you.

I have started writing a book for students on getting into God’s word but I wanted to post a summery here for anyone that is making disciples and would like to use it.  I know there have been times in my ministry where it seemed like it took effort to read the Bible for my own personal benefit and not just to teach.

Here are 4 steps I learned from a Pastor named Ralph (don’t ask me his last name because I couldn’t tell you even to rewind the clock so the Yankees could beat the Tigers) to keep reading the Bible fresh.

1. Read to hear from God. Don’t read to read.

2. Reflect on what God speaks to you about. When the spirit of God highlights something for you make sure you highlight it, underline it or somehow note it. Sometimes I stop right then and reflect. Other times I look over the two or three things the Holy Spirit has brought to the front of my mind and I reflect on that.

3. Record in a journal, the back of your Bible or somewhere.

4. Respond to God in prayer and worship.

You can download a Bible Reading Chart here that lets you go at your own pace and will probably help you accomplish reading it quicker than if you had a certain amount to read each day.  It also has a reminder of the four points above.

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