Break in Posts

Sorry there haven’t been any posts the last few days. I was at a military resort called Okuma and the internet was not cooperating with Mac Books. Imagine that. :-) I have to admit it was nice not to check my email, facebook and twitter for a few days. I wonder if that would be a good regular spiritual discipline for people these days since we are so connected to our technology.

I’ll try to upload one video later today and pick up with daily videos again starting tomorrow.

Blessings on your journey as you seek to Live, Love and Lead like Jesus.


My Personal Leadership Values

I am working on my personal leadership values specifically as I think about leading my staff, and volunteer staff. This is a first draft. Any feedback you have would be welcomed.

Buddy Rathmell Leadership Values
*Passion for Christ *Each of us is responsible for the development of our own spiritual lives though we will encourage one another in this area.
*Competent *Able to accomplish the responsibilities of the role OR the ability and desire to learn how to do them.
*Take Initiative and Risk, Be Proactive *Willing to try new things to improve on what has been done in the past without prompting of others.
*Ministry as a Lifestyle not just a job *Desire to be used of God in every area of your life. Not just punching the clock.
*Openness & Honesty *Be willing to talk about tough issues and be open about our lives with one another.
*Growing/Learning/Moving Forward *Desire to grow, learn, improve and be a tool fit for God’s use in whatever way possible.
*Everyone working in their gifts and strengths *As much as possible we want to have you working in the areas that God has gifted you and that strengthen you.
*Following the will of God *Listening and obeying the voice of God in your life.

My expectations of teammates:
*That you will work hard and to the best of your ability.
*That you will let me know if there is anything you need from me.
*That you will be pursuing the Lord on your own.
*That you will be thoughtful, loving and kind to others.
*That you will be working on personal growth.

How I need your Input:
*Directly, don’t need to beat around the bush.
*Bullet points especially when talking business.
*Freedom from disruption when I am working on projects.

Ronald Reagan the Servant Leader

I think one of my favorite stories of President Ronald Reagan is the time shortly after he was hot and was still in the Hospital. He woke up in the middle of the night he woke up and went to the bathroom.

“He slapped water on his face, and water slopped out of the sink,” Noonan relates. “He got some paper towels and got down on the floor to clean it up. An aide came in and said: `Mr. President, what are you doing? We have people for that.’ And Reagan said, oh, no, he was just cleaning up his mess, he didn’t want a nurse to have to do it.” (From the Modest Giant, Jeff Jacoby, June 10, 2004).

I think one of the marks of a great man is caring for others. I run with my friend on occasion who had the opportunity to meet President George W. Bush in the oval office. This week he was telling me that President Bush, aside from having really long ear hair, was really engaging and interested and just talked to them like normal people. They didn’t feel ill at ease at all.

The President was cleaning up his own mess (The Own it All Principle from The Little Book of Big Leadership Principles) because he cared about the nurse who was taking care of him and didn’t want her to get in any trouble from her supervisor. We need more leaders today who are willing to humble themselves and serve those around them. A President who cares for the nurse. That’s a great man. This actually fits a bunch of the leadership principles. Other’s First, Be Humble, Kill Your Ego.