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Biblical Guidelines for Leaders

was reading timothy the other day and I noticed some great information Paul had written about church leaders and some of the guidelines for choosing them. So here I want to look over them, because I think they hold a powerful and convicting message for many today.

Effective Leaders Remain Accountable

When you think of accountability, you often think of a leader keeping others accountable. That’s one of their roles as a leader right? Well this is true, but a leader also has the responsibility to keep him or herself accountable.

Spiritual Growth Software

I have read that all good things take longer than anticipated.  Our Spiritual Growth Software is no exception.  🙂  Just today, my intern Alex was asking, “What is the latest on the spiritual growth software?”  With the final changes and then some time for our initial testing it is still probably about two weeks out.  […]

The Power of Accountability

Do you have someone keeping you accountable in certain areas of your life? Are there others in your life that you keep accountable? I am up at 10:48 after the busiest week of my year and a really long day to boot because of the power of accountability. A couple of weeks ago I had […]

Guard Your heart | Episode #45

My Band of Brothers

We all need brothers to make it through life. I hope you have a group that is a band of brothers for you.

Leaders and their Sense of Destiny

Leaders often have a growing awareness of their destiny as they go through life lead

Break in Posts

Sorry there haven’t been any posts the last few days. I was at a military resort called Okuma and the internet was not cooperating with Mac Books. Imagine that. 🙂 I have to admit it was nice not to check my email, facebook and twitter for a few days. I wonder if that would be […]

Christ Like Character | A Must for Christian Leaders

If you have any hope of finishing the Christian Life Strong you must have a Christ Like Character. This video takes a look at some ways for you to gain that character.