Softening God

Do you ever feel like you need to Soften God? Like to translate him to a friend or make him more palatable to someone who doesn’t know him. I don’t often have that temptation as lean I lot more to the prophet side than the mercy side of things. Not quite as much as my friend James Tippins who once put “Church 4 Sale” on the church sign board because he felt like they were sold out to Satan and not God but still from time to time I feel like God and his word are too much for people so I want to change it a little.

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Time Management

When my wife and I were first married the cash flow was more like a cash trickle. We decided during that time that we need to track our money to see what we were spending it on. We were really trying to save money in every area and pay off school loans quickly. When we tracked our food we realized that 25% of our food budget was going to soda products. Since we each took a coke to work and and had coke with our dinner we were spending quite a bit on soda. That was a wake up call for us and the beginning of cutting way back on soda. In the same way unless we track our time once in a while we never no where it is being spent.

Download the time tracker chart here.