The Power of Journaling | Episode #62

Journaling and praying scripture helps you to take in the word of God in a powerful way.

Whole Hearted | Episode # 53

Living Halfhearted is easy and where we tend to default to. As Christ followers who are called to lead we need to be Wholehearted.

What’s Your Song? | Episode # 51

Check out Psalm 119:54. Great verse with a great challenge.

Leaders Pass on a Desire to Know God | Episode #44

Leaders pass on a desire to know God through his word. If we aren’t passing on the basics to others, I don’t know that we are leading.

Bible Reading Plan 2009

Easy way to help you read through the Bible in six months or less. Printable 4X6 card with each chapter of the Bible listed.

Biblical Meditation and Prayer

Andy Davis had a great talk on Biblical Mediation and Prayer that you can listen to courtesy of the Resurgence website. It’s definitely soul food. After listening to it this morning I spent some time meditating on Psalm 119 and was really encouraged. Hopefully it will bless you as well. One warning. It’s really long. […]

Scripture Memory-A Dead easy way to soak your mind the Word

One time in college I had been working on memorizing James Chapter 1. At that time the phone was in my name so I was responsible for figuring out who made what calls and then totaling up the calls and adding the tax and then collecting the money from each of my suite mates. One […]

Is Reading Your Bible a Downer?

If reading your Bible is a downer I am guessing that one of two things is happening in your life: 1. You are on some sort of reading plan and you are behind and you feel pressure to catch up but you never seem to quite catch up. 2. You aren’t in the word frequently […]