Be on the Lookout

It has long been said that if you really want to learn something you should teach it. While that may or may not work for you do look for opportunities to pass on what you know and it will definitely be cemented in your own life.

God has used this in my own life this past year. I have had the opportunity to be teaching and training some this year on discipleship, student led ministry etc while at the same time kind of taking a break in my own life from the same things that I was teaching about. In some ways I think it was good to have a few months of a break. I think the idea of taking a sabatical is a great one and that our companies, ministries and schools would be much better served if those working in them were able to take sabaticals. At the same time while there are seasons for rest I think I have gone from resting to coasting.

For a while I felt OK about not diving into to different things and relationships and being involved in making disciples but then after about four months I began to feel like I needed to do one of two things.

1. Stop teaching about things from God’s word that I wasn’t living out.

2. Change my life to match up with the things that I was teaching about.

I decided number two was a better option and I am praying about ways to be used of God in the community that we are in now and we have been making changes in our lives over the past couple of weeks to line up with what we feel God would have us to be involved in.

This past week I was frustrated in dealing with a design contrator that had been really slow and not delivering the quality of product that I was expecting. On Thursday morning while trying to upload a computer template that was not delivered complete I started to get frustrated. In the middle of my email of telling him I wanted the project completed that day and with professional quality I remembered that I had been teaching the night before about asking God for wisdom in situations that were beyond us. I quit typing my email and asked God to give me wisdom to correct the errors in the work that I had been given and it turned out to be a pretty simple project. In the end most of what I was given was professional and it was completed late that day.

All that to say if you want to have God’s word become real in your life look for opportunities to teach it to others.

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