In What Areas can a Life Coach Help me?

What Arenas in your life need Help?

What Arenas in your life need Help?

photo by Héctor de Pereda

The Arenas of Life

These are just a few of the areas in which people live their lives. You may feel a need to hire a coach to help you set and achieve goals in one or more of life’s “theaters of operations.” Or you may need to learn to balance the conflicting needs and opportunities these areas of life present. Read over this list, and consider whether you are living to your full potential in your life. Note: This list is not meant to be exhaustive; you may need help in other areas as well.

  • Aesthetics: Enjoying the beauty of life, appreciating the finer things.
  • Career: Networking, promotions, goals attainment, beginnings or changing.
  • Discipleship: relationship development, counseling
  • Evangelism: Outreach, attitude, event planning.
  • Family life: Husband/wife relationships, parenting, sibling relationships, in-law relationships.
  • Financial security: Debt reduction or management, budgeting, choosing insurance, preparing for retirement.
  • Friendships: Developing, deepening, enriching, discovering.
  • Health: Hygiene, exercise and fitness, nutrition, physical wellness.
  • Intellect/Education: Pursuing Challenges, remaining active, obtaining expertise and credentials.
  • Leadership: Leadership attributes, responsibility, trust, delegation, new leader development.
  • Posterity: Wills, trusts, passing on of values.
  • Recreation: Fun, sports, entertainment, enjoyment and zest.
  • Service: Charitable giving, volunteering, seeking excellence in professional and community life.
  • Spirituality: Connection, meaning, knowing one’s place in the universe.
  • Sports: physical training, team coaching, management, goal setting.
  • Stress reduction: Time management, relaxation, exercise, burnout prevention.
  • Ultimate Impact: ensuring you are living your life to leave behind a legacy.
  • Wealth: Savings plan, investment. Wellness: Joy, peace, self-esteem, love.

In which of these do you find yourself not reaching your expectations? What do you need help with in order to attain your fullest potential? How can you take steps today to make your life count in the best way possible?
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