Accountability and Discipleship Groups


If you have been looking for a format for an accountability and discipleship group I have found nothing better in my 14 years of ministry than MAD Groups. It stands for Mutual Accountability and Discipleship Groups. They are based on Niel Cole’s Life Transformation Groups and are phenomenal for making and growing disciples, accountability in your own life and leadership development. You can start a group just by downloading the brochure for you and a friend or two, read through the directions on the brochure and get going. Here are a few of the main elements.

1. Scripture is read repetitively and in community.
2. Sin is confessed in confidential, accountability relationships
3. Missing friends are prayed for regularly and specifically.

While the brochure is specifically for high school and college students the content is applicable for any age. The number one thing that I have seen kill the MAD Groups is lowering the amount of Scripture read. Often my friends will say everything looks great except reading 25 to 30 chapters of Scripture. They feel like it’s too much for them or for their students. It’s not too much. It’s about an hour over the course of the week for the average reader and it’s a great amount for renewing your mind with the Word of God. For instance if you were reading Phillippians you would read it 7 times. 4 chapters X 7 times = 28 chapters during the week. There is something about reading scripture repetitively that allows the message to sink in in a new way.

For a first hand account feel free to email my friend Mark who first instituted them against my recommendation with a much lower reading requirement and then came back and did them with the full reading and said there was a huge difference in the impact of the groups on his students.

If you are looking for a discipleship tool, accountability tool and leadership development tool all in one the MAD Group is a great way to go. Right click and hit save as to download.

MAD Group Brochure

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