7 Traits of a Poor Leader

Many have written on what it takes to be a leader, on what qualities a leader must have, but what are the qualities of a poor leader? How can you tell when you or someone else is a shoddy leader? There are a number of key qualities and characteristics that define substandard leadership. Here are the 7 main qualities of a poor leader.

The first, and possibly the most debilitating characteristic of a poor leader is a poor relationship with God. A healthy relationship with God is like the first building block in a large building. Without it, the entire building will eventually become unstable and fall in a great heap.

Overtly prideful leaders will begin to overlook things because they begin to believe that they cannot fail, that they are perfect and all others need to change. They become obstinate and won’t accept council or suggestions.

Self-interested leaders only care about themselves. They will push difficult or monotonous tasks on to others and try to avoid anything that they don’t want to do. They are selfish and seek only to please themselves. They might also see everyone else as insignificant.

Obsessively concerned with every detail; Leaders with this quality will waste time on trivial matters and confuse and frustrate people under them by trying to make everything just like how they want it. They micro manage and concern themselves with every little detail. They blow small inconsequential issues out of proportion and don’t understand how to delegate.

Poor communication skills and little feedback is another characteristic. Leaders with this flaw will never let you know if you are doing well, only if you are performing below their standard. When you do perform excellently, these leaders will only tell you that you accomplished what was expected of you. They may confuse people by setting different goals and rules at various times or by being unclear about certain issues. These leaders often will rely on other negative attributes to help them lead and may even focus on other people’s weaknesses to help make them feel better.

A Leader who creates strict rules and regulations and proceeds to expect everyone else to follow them while not abiding by the rules themselves has the next serious flaw. These leaders make big deals out of small infractions and punish people senselessly. They use the numerous rules to substitute for their lack of leadership experience or skills. They set a poor example for the people following them and may even choose favorites who are exempt from the rules.

Anger, deceit, and poor moral character are the final qualities of a bad leader. These leaders will use any method to succeed, even if it means breaking the rules, or hurting others. They will also rely on anger to coerce people into following. Their poor character will show, although they probably will try to cover it up with lies. This may be the worst trait a leader can have.

Leaders who lack leadership skills will often rely on these negative attributes to help them lead people. They will substitute anger in for patience, micromanagement in for delegation, and so on. These people are not leaders at all; they are simply people telling others what to do and using authority given them to enforce it. Don’t be a bad leader, take what you have learned from here and try to lead well.

Now go, and don’t lead like this.

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