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Bible Reading Plan 2009

Easy way to help you read through the Bible in six months or less. Printable 4X6 card with each chapter of the Bible listed.

Reading Right – How to Get the Most from a book.

Effective leaders maintain an aptitude for learning throughout all of life. Show me a great leader, and I’ll show you a hungry learner. The old Irish proverb is true: “You have to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather is.”

Leadership Development with ProScan

The ProScan will help you get to the place you want to be in your own life and in leading your team. It is especially effective as part of a team building plan.

Christian Leadership Book Summaries | Episode # 19

Book Summaries actually have been shown to be more helpful in remembering the content of a book than reading the entire book. This leadership video talks about how you can use book summaries to help you become a better leader.

7 Signs of Burnout

Feeling Tired, Dead, Depressed, Lethargic. You might want to dig in further and see if you are heading to burnout so that you can make some changes in your life before you get there.

Leadership Training in the News

President George W. Bush has a great leadership lesson to teach us by the way he lives and who he pleases with his life.

Leadership Quotes

Leadership Quotes are precise and concise bits of leadership wisdom that often are able to communicate pages of information in a single sentence.

Passing on Values to Your Kids

Earlier this week I watched the mission and was challenged to fight injustice in the world around me.  At first my thought was that there aren’t any big injustices that I can see right in Okinawa.  Then I remembered that we go to the beach by our house nearly every day and there is a […]

Ronald Reagan the Servant Leader

I think one of my favorite stories of President Ronald Reagan is the time shortly after he was hot and was still in the Hospital. He woke up in the middle of the night he woke up and went to the bathroom. “He slapped water on his face, and water slopped out of the sink,” […]

The Best Leadership Question Ever

A few weeks back in an email exchange with Dr. Ray Wheeler, found of, he told me to ask this question to the people I was responsible for leading. “Based on the time you have known me…what do I believe about you?” As I asked the members of my team this question it reavealed […]