How to Discover Your Life Purpose in 60 seconds

I have read a bunch of Destiny Discovery, Life Purpose Discovery, and God’s Will for your life Discovery books over the years and they seem to talk about a lot of things that are really good to focus on and think about, for instance:

  • Passions and Interests that motivate or infuriate you.
  • Areas that you have found success in life in the past.
  • The whole strengths movement furthered by Don Clifton and Marcus Buckingham and its emphasis on focusing on things that strengthen you.
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Specific Callings or Destiny Moments that God has used in your life
  • Your History and family history and current circumstances
  • Using God’s general revealed will to help you make decisions
  • Optimal Conditions for your life and environment
  • Things in your life that have a yearning quality to them

I just planned a whole retreat for my students that was called Discover Your Destiny and we worked with students on figuring out what their purpose in life is and what God created them for. All of these things are great and can help us figure out the specific purpose and cause that God has created us for. The good works that God has prepared in advance for us to do according to Ephesians 2:10.

Sometimes though, it can be a little overwhelming. Have you ever felt like there was just too much to think about when it comes to discovering your destiny or life purpose? You start to wade through all these different categories and you come out the back side almost as confused as you went in, maybe even more so.

If that is the case for you, you might want to just try this simple little exercise that can cut through all the clutter for you and help you figure out why you are walking planet Earth.

Complete the phrase:

My life purpose is to Glorify God by _____________ ING ____________ WHO/WHAT

(i.e. Fixing Cars, Leading Worship, Strengthening Leaders, Raising Godly Children,) You get the idea. You might want to wordsmith it a little when you are done so that it speaks to your soul more deeply or even add some clarifying remarks to bring it to and even greater focal point. We know that God has us on this earth to bring him glory but sometimes figure out the specific way that he wants us to do that is a little tricky. I

For many of you this question will help cut through the clutter in your brain and help you to figure out exactly what you are about. Hope it helps you in the process.

I learned this phrase from my friend Stephen Blandino years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. When I fulfill the Destiny that God has for me it will be bring God the most glory, most significantly advance the Kingdom of God and leave me the most fulfilled.

Hire the best possible consultant for you

If you have ever worked with a good consultant you know they are great at asking the right questions.  A great consultant will help lead you to your own “Aha” moments instead of just telling you what they think is best for you in a certain situation.  Though my natural strengths are leading and directing (command in the Strengths Finder lingo) I have found that when I can lead someone to there own aha’s through questioning they are much more likely to:

1.  Get it

2.  Follow through on whatever they need to

3.  Enjoy the process of whatever it is they decided they needed to do much better.

There are some people that just want to be told what to do and have a frame work laid out for them.  Even the greatest mavericks have times when they want someone to tell them what to do. Most of the time and with most people we like coming up with our solutions.

Just this past weekend I was talking to someone and I told him. “If you were on the outside of your situation looking in don’t you think you’d be handling this way different than you are because it’s your own life.” For him that was an AHA moment. He realized if he was coaching himself he would be giving counsel to go in a totally different direction with his life than he was actually taking. It allowed him to see how foolish his current path was.

From time to time, I’ll do this with my own life. I get away from my office and I sit down and think, “What advice would I give Buddy if I was in his situation right now?” What I come up with is usually markedly better than what I have been thinking especially if it is something that I have gotten in a rut with.

Next time you need a consultant try paying $4 at the local Starbucks or nothing at a local park before you go off and pay someone else to tell you the things that you already know. You just might be the best possible consultant for your situation. If that doesn’t work, you can always hire me to ask you the tough questions and give you sound advice. ;-)