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Psalm 119

How to Discover Your Life Purpose in 60 seconds

I have read a bunch of Destiny Discovery, Life Purpose Discovery, and God’s Will for your life Discovery books over the years and they seem to talk about a lot of things that are really good to focus on and think about, for instance: Passions and Interests that motivate or infuriate you. Areas that you […]

Hire the best possible consultant for you

If you have ever worked with a good consultant you know they are great at asking the right questions.  A great consultant will help lead you to your own “Aha” moments instead of just telling you what they think is best for you in a certain situation.  Though my natural strengths are leading and directing […]

Leadership Lessons from Movies that will Move You!

Leadership Clips from great movies. These leadership lessons will help you to become a better leader.

Loving God with all Your Mind – Episode #18

Remove Your Constraints – Episode #17

10 Leadership Principles from Major Dick Winters – Episode #16

Download the 10 Leadership Principles Here

How to Effectively Delegate – Episode #15 Email Accounts

If you are a young leader and would like to keep in mind that that is the role God has for you I am willing to give 10 people email accounts.  It is essentially a Gmail account with the leadercast domain so you get all the benefits of Gmail along with a really cool […]

Offer Your Strengths – Episode #14