Focus on Your Weaknesses

Since I have lived in Japan for the last 8 years I thought this photo must have been taken there but I checked the owner and it looks like he is from England.  They often through sings up that seem weird to us in English.  If you haven’t wasted enough time on the internet today is a great site to see some of those thoughts.

Anyway, in much of business, leadership and self help writing today everyone is talking about focusing on your strengths.  I wholeheartedly agree.  I think that is especially what we are to do as Christians in our service to the body is to use our gifts and strengths to serve others.  I think others are most blessed when we are working in an area that God has gifted us rather than in an area that we are weak in.

The one glaring exception to this would be if the area of weakness is not in the realm of strengths, talents or abilities but rather character.  If you have a character weakness that is something that needs to be addressed right away.  Take it to the cross, take it to a friend so they can be praying for you and keeping you accountable and work on a personal growth plan to help you move that character issue so that it is no longer a weakness for you.

So if you have a character weakness you definitely want to spend some time focusing on it so that it doesn’t bring you down in the long run.  In the Emporer’s Club from 2002, William Hundert is a passionate teacher who teaches Greek and Roman history to his students while trying to impress the importance of character on them as well.  Hundert realizes that Sedgwick Bell is cheating instead of confronting him, he manipulates the questions so that Bell loses the “Julias Ceaser” competition at the end of the year.    25 years later Bell arranges a rematch.  Once again Hundert, realizes that he is cheating.  In the men’s room Hundert confronts Bell, who replies that what is important is the goal, not how one gets there.  After Bell reveals his lack of character his son reveals that he has been in the bathroom and heard the whole conversation.

I wonder how the story would have been different if Bell had been challenged to work on his character 25 years earlier instead of as a full grown man.

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A book that flew way under the “Christian Leadership Radar” was Be A Leader for God’s Sake, by Dr. Bruce Winston.  One of the really cool things in that book that I am still working through and not 100% sure of but seems to make a lot of sense to me is separating the different gift lists in scripture instead of combining them into one big list and trying to create inventories off of the combined list.  My other option is that there really isn’t an exhaustive list in scripture.

Dr. Winston states that he thinks the Romans 12 gift list is given by God the Father to all humans, Christian or not, as part of his common grace.  In my experience this seems to be true.  The 1 Corinthians 12 list is from the Holy Spirit to build up believers in the body and the Ephesians 4 gifts are from Jesus to build up the church.    Anyway, there is an excellent inventory for the Romans 12 list that was online for a while and then was gone but now is back.  You might want to take it while you have the chance.  Best of all it’s free.