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Proverbs for Today

This Sunday I was reading the introduction to Proverbs in The Message and it inspired me to continue to dig into Proverbs on a regular basis and to meditate on the proverbs that God uses to speak to me.  In one of the videos I share the story of how Proverbs 11:2 impacted me years […]

George Lowden

I took a trip to Ireland with a bunch of youth workers in February and it was a great time. I expected to be inspired by the life of faith that Patrick lived. Interestingly I think it was the life of faith lived by George Lowden that was equally as inspiring. He was going to […]

Saint Patrick’s Confession in American English

I had a special treat for you that I wanted to send out on Saint Patrick’s day of this year but I was so saddened by what Saint Patrick’s Day has become that I didn’t want to send it out and cheapen the life of Patrick.  Over the last few years I have read about […]