The Leader and Time

Today’s podcast focuses on the leader and their use of time.

Teach us the brevity of life so that we may gain wisdom. Psalm 91:12 NLT

While it is a little dark going to might help to teach you the brevity of life. Personally I felt like my date was too early but you never know. I think the reason that Psalm 91 calls us to think of the bravity of life is we are so prone to thinking this life is forever.


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Time Management

When my wife and I were first married the cash flow was more like a cash trickle. We decided during that time that we need to track our money to see what we were spending it on. We were really trying to save money in every area and pay off school loans quickly. When we tracked our food we realized that 25% of our food budget was going to soda products. Since we each took a coke to work and and had coke with our dinner we were spending quite a bit on soda. That was a wake up call for us and the beginning of cutting way back on soda. In the same way unless we track our time once in a while we never no where it is being spent.

Download the time tracker chart here.